At 23/10/02 23/10/02 -0700, Bill Shupp wrote:
On Wednesday, October 23, 2002, at 12:55  AM, tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:

As usual, I don't see anything related to "disablesmtp".

Is this feature going to be merged in the main stream, or do I have to continue with my private copies?
Yes, it will be merged.  It's just been overlooked.  I'll add it to 5.3.10.
Bill, I was speaking mainly about qmailadmin.
It's not included in the last version, not in the suggested MySQL notes below. That's the reason for which I was suggesting to change layout, in order to add new options without working too much on MySQL.

Anyway, two notes:

1) I feel that would be much better another layout, like:
        domain  CHAR(64) PRIMARY KEY,
        option  CHAR(64) PRIMARY KEY,
        value   CHAR(64) NOT NULL

that would permit to add other options more easily.
Yes, but the downside is that the value field is way too big for items that just need to be 0 or 1. I don't know how much of an impact this will have, though.
Why not to use VARCHAR fields?

Brian: Any thoughts on this? Some of your code would have to be rewritten to do this.

2) I'ld like to have other options in qmailadmin-limits, that could permit to deny some functions to 'admin' users that are not 'postmaster':
ex. deny_list_create
Yes, this would be great.  Do you have any code that implements this?
These options would be impossible to add with the 'fixed' MySQL layout, unless you create a huge record to manage them.


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