Why are you doing this manually?  The options are there in qmailadmin.
Just select the option for rejecting posts from anyone other than



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From: Steve Mallett [mailto:steve@;opensourcedirectory.com] 
Sent: Saturday, October 19, 2002 2:00 PM
Subject: [vchkpw] becoming the moderator of posts

I've set up a mailing list using qmailadmin, with the default parameters
   of archieving and responding to admin requests.  All works great.

But, what I really want is to be the sole moderator of posts thereby
creating an announce list.  What am I doing wrong when I do the
following to edit what was created and working great:

1) su - vpopmail

2)./ezmlm-make -em  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
/home/vpopmail/domains/osdir.com/list/.qmail-list steve-list osdir.com

3) ./ezmlm-sub /home/vpopmail/domains/osdir.com/list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

4) ./ezmlm-sub /home/vpopmail/domains/osdir.com/list/digest

5) ./ezmlm-sub /home/vpopmail/domains/osdir.com/list/mod [EMAIL PROTECTED]

After this I can't use another email address to list-subscribe nor are
any msgs sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED] being sent.

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