Hello everyone,
I am wondering if anyone as tried qadmin-tmda for spam/virus blocking? Why I am asking is because in any virtual domain in which there are greater than 100 users, it appears .qmail-username is ignored.
In any domain all users that have hit the 'protect' button on qadmin (another great product from inter7.com :) their virtual account is protected and works. So in dirs like /usr/local/vpopmail/domain.org/ there is no problem. However once you go to /usr/local/vpopmail/domain.org/3/ .qmail-username is ignored.
In all honesty I really don't know if this problem is a vpopmail only thing or, if it qmail itself, or something else.
If you have tried using qadmin-tmda and encountered the same problem or, know what is preventing the .qmail-username from being read/executed, please let me know.
Thanks for your time and help.

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