I have some real strange problems.

I use qmail, vpopmail with a mysql backend, courier-imap, qmailadmin,
vqadamin, ezmlm and ezmalm-idx.. I currently have 2 domains up where
domain1 is compiled into vpopmail as default domain.

When logging in as "lars.gustafson" for the default domain, with no
"@domain1.com" as appendix, there is no problem. Everything works fine
both trough courer-imap, with a bunch of diffrent clients.
Curretly i have tested various ms outlooks, evolution, sylpheed,
netscape and mozilla clients,as well as IMP webmail. None had any
problems when logging in as a user with no apednix such as @domain.com.

When i try to logg in on a virtual domain as [EMAIL PROTECTED],
the authentication fails about 50-100% of the times i have tried, which
are a lot=). 
I have read any newsgroup posts and documentation i can find regarding
this issue, which weren't too much. I have been trying to solve thsi
problem for about 2 weeks now, and I am stuck as well as out of ideas...

I can also tell that the mysql tables are not corrupted according to
"myisamchk -e /var/lib/mysql/*.MYI"

Any ideas of how to solve this issue is truley welcome. thanks in

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