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I am using vpopmail 5.2.1 and I did not modify the quota warning percentage (default is 90%). When the quota reach or above 90%, a warning email will be sent to that user and I found that there is a file called "quotawarn" created in the Maildir directory. However, even I pop all emails out, that file will not be removed and no more quota warning email will be sent if that user reach warning level again.
Do I need to make a cron job remove this file?
The quota warnings are not delivered more than once every 24 hours. That's probably why your tests appear to fail. There is not currently any quotawarn cleanup code, however. So, if a user goes over quota, they get warned. But if they remove their messages and get under quota, then go over quota again in less than 24 hours, they will not get warned the second time. They will get upon after the first message that comes in after the initial 24 hour period.


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