Did you give apache a restart after adding those lines to the config?
(apachectl graceful).  Also, what kind of problems are you having with
authentication?  Is it that the username and password you set in your
htaccess files are not working?  Or is it that it doesn't even ask for one.


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Hi there,

   I'm trying to install vqadmin so my wife can configure
   the vhost email by a simple web interface. I seem to be haveing
   problems with authentication through the .htpasswd file. I'm useing
   redhat 7.3 with the latest version of vpopmail, redhats stock apache
   server. Has anyone else had this problem, if so how did they overcome

   oh, ok, btw this is the steps I followed

   tar zxf vqadmin.tar.gz
   cd vqadmin
   make install
   cd /etc/httpd/conf/
   vi httpd.conf
   aded the following to my conf file
   <Directory "/var/www/cgi-bin/vqadmin">
      deny from all
      Options ExecCGI
      AllowOverride AuthConfig
      Order deny,allow

  cd /var/www/cgi-bin/vqadmin
  vi vqadmin.acl
  my vqadmin.acl file is as fllows


  # Default group contains permissions for all users
  # not listed under any groups
  # If the default group is not defined, users not
  # listed under any other groups will have no
  # permissions.
  # Examples follow...

  default VI

  # Access permissions:
  # V View user information
  # I View domain information
  # M Modify user information
  # U Modify domain information
  # C Create user
  # A Create domain
  # D Delete user
  # X Delete domain
  # These features will still appear in the HTML templates
  # if the user doesn't have access to them, however, they will
  # get a permission denied error if they try to make use of
  # them.
  # An asterisk in the features field specifies that you
  # want all users in this group to have access to
  # all features.

  jmhowell * jmhowell

  vi .htaccess

  changed my .htaccess file to point to the directory where I am going
  to place my passwd file so it reads as follows

  AuthType Basic
  AuthUserFile /var/www/vqadmin.passwd
  AuthName vQadmin
  require valid-user
  satisfy any

  chown apache .htaccess
  chmod 600 .htaccess
  htpasswd -bc /var/www/vqadmin.passwd jmhowell <my password>

  If anyone can see something I missed or did wrong or anymore info I
  should supply please let me know, I've reinstalled. Did a websearch
  and am still dumbfouded. thnx

Jerry M. Howell II

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