Hi Zeno,

On Tue, 22 Oct 2002 18:10:40 +0200
Zeno Davatz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> 1. Why can't I log in

Do (as root) a 

P=your_password \
printf "$U\0$P\0SDKFJSD\0" | \
strace -o /tmp/vchkpw.log -s 256 -f -e trace=file,read \
/home/vpopmail/bin/vchkpw /bin/true 3<&0; echo $?

if the output is != 0 look into '/tmp/vchkpw.log' is you can find
anything that went wrong, e.g. vchkpw searching for wrong file or not
being able to open.

> 2. Why does clearopensmtp and vchkpw eat all my processing power.

Don't know. Seems something is 'blocking' them and they simply hang
araound until this block is removed.

Kill them all, shut down your POP3 daemon and run 'clearopensmtp' in a
'strace' call. See where it hangs, what it does last before not
continuing. (Hint: use '-o' parameter for strace; makes life a lot
easier, especially when looking at the output from a second console).

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