Over the past several days, I've painstakingly installed QMail 1.03, OpenLDAP 2.0.x, 
qmail-scanner, etc onto a mail server. It's all working as it sits, as in I can create 
an LDAP entry, and send email to it immediately, with dynamic home account creation. 
I'm using ldap only for authentication. (either plaintext or MD5 passwords in the LDAP 

I've basically followed http://www.lifewithqmail.org/ldap to the letter, with maildir 
and home dirs at /var/qmail/maildirs/.

Now the game is to get vpopmail and sqwebmail to work, and this project will be DONE. 

However, installing vpopmail with the ldap option fails on the first test, that of 
vadddomain, as per the instructions README.ldap, fails. =( 

Doing some searching resulted in this page that indicates the problem is an incorrect 

http://www.mail-archive.com/vchkpw@;inter7.com/msg07584.html but he doesn't give the 
qmail schema that works! Also, this guy indicates that he's close to the solution, but 
it doesn't work. 

I've tried "chown -R vpopmail.vchkpw ~vpopmail", as well as "mkdir ~vpopmail/users; 
chown -R vpopmail.vchkpw ~vpopmail/users;" to no effect. 

Has anybody come up with a fix for this? Am I just stuck? 


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