I'm trying to use vpopbull to broadcast a message to all my users.  Drive
space is critical and I'd like to use the -h flag to softlink the file
containing the message, but it looks hoaky.  Does it work???

Also, whenever I do "./vpopbull -vn" from the
/home/vpopmail/bin dir I only get a version number returned to me....
Shouldn't I be getting a verbose list with all the user email addresses

Is this the right way to do this, or should I be using/doing something

Here's a copy of the man page for vpopbull for your reference convience! ;-)

vpopbull - post a message to virtual domain users

vpopbull [-f filename ] [-e exclude email addresses file] [-v] [-n] [-c]
[-h] [-s] [virtual domain ...]

Post a message to virtual domain users

[-f filename]
File containing the email message to be posted.

[-e exclude email addresses file]
File containing a list of email addresses to exclude from posting.

Verbose mode. Prints out each email address it is sending to.

Don't actuall mail it. using -v and -n can be used to list out all virtual
domain email accounts.

Default, copy message to users directory.

Make a hard link from email file to virtual users directory. Email file must
be on the same physical device as the virtual users directories. This will
save disk space.

Make a soft link from the email file to the virutal users directory. This
will save on disk space but will not remove the file when all users read it.
If the original file is deleted, users will not be able to read the message.

[virtual domain ... ]
List of domains to send the message to. If this is not supplied then the
message is sent to all virtual domains.

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