On Thu, 2002-10-24 at 11:10, Clayton Weise wrote:
> Just stick your hostname in place of the IP address.  I don't think an IP
> will work.. I've never tried it though ;).

Hrm, well, this is quite strange.

It's taking the IP from which I'm trying to send the mail and putting
that in place of the hostname of the domain that I'm trying to send
from, which of course fails.

For example, I'm trying to send an email to my personal email address
from through that box but it's taking the internal IP of the machine
that I'm sending it from:

Oct 24 11:58:14 kareem vpopmail[337]: vchkpw: vpopmail user not found

So my workstation has an IP of, but I'm trying to send the
email to my real email address using the account of

This is vpopmail 5.2.1 -- I don't know if it has issues or not, but I've
never heard of or seen this before.

Thanks again,


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