Probably you use OpenSSL 0.9.6e, at least, and Eudora has problems talking TLS with new versions of OpenSSL (it talks with 0.9.6c, that has security holes).

You must add this (+) line in qmail-smtpd.c:

void smtp_tls(arg) char *arg;
SSL_CTX *ctx;

if (*arg)
{out("501 Syntax error (no parameters allowed) (#5.5.4)\r\n");

{out("454 TLS not available: unable to initialize ctx (#4.3.0)\r\n");


if(!SSL_CTX_use_RSAPrivateKey_file(ctx, "control/servercert.pem", SSL_FILETYPE_PEM))
{out("454 TLS not available: missing RSA private key (#4.3.0)\r\n");


This turns off something in SSL protocol (I trust who told me it's safe anyway) that Eudora does not handle.


At 24/10/02 24/10/02 -0700, John Johnson wrote:
Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira writes:
        Hi all,
        I installed qmail smtp-remote-auth patch. It works well for outlook
client but with eudora it fails. What I can do to fix this?
        TIA,            Paulo Henrique
What version of vpopmail are you running and what are your
compile options?

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