Hello guru's

I recently have been tasked with the project of providing a email solution
for a project at work. They currently use sendmail with qpopper for some
500 aliases and send/receive a little more than 400,000 messages a month.

Now comes the fun part they are about to migrate the North and South
mail.support which is currently housed on Exchange (ewww). So in light of
there sendmail/qpopper will quickly get over ran.

I have convinced them to allow me to setup qmail as a solution for them, and
they have accepted it, woot.

Now I have done some reading and implementing on a test box with the
qmail + qmailadmin + vpopmail + autoresponder + ezmlm (just incase they want
mailing list) + clamav + qmailscanner. All works great, and they love it.

Now here is my question to you guys, when I create a virtual domain e.g.
mailsupport.hp.com (this has the current 500 aliases) and I start adding
via qmailadmin and the vpopmail, I'm have noticed something I hope you guys
help me fix. Say I create a user called lj4050 (laserjet 4050) his email
is [EMAIL PROTECTED], and his login is [EMAIL PROTECTED], is
a way to make his login just lj4050 and not have the @domain part?

Joe Oaks
Senior Systems Admin
Hewlett Packard

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