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I have Inatslled The OpenBSD qmail Toaster 0n open bsd 3.1 using the info on the dutnux web page , most of the server is working well but I can not get autorespond-2.0.3 to compile clean even when I use gmake , The qmailadmin and sqwebmail are working as thay should I can send mail using sqwebmail but can not receive it , when I try to telnet to the pop or IMAP port "telnet localhost 110"  "telnet localhost 143" I get the following message below , how do I correct this, and how do I change +OK <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  to my domain
thanks ,
autorespond-2.0.3  Error ,
gcc -Wall -o autorespond autorespond.c
autorespond.c: In function `send_message':
autorespond.c:260: warning: passing arg 1 of `gmtime' from incompatible pointer type
zak# ./vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Please enter password for [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
enter password again:
zak# telnet localhost 110
Trying ::1...
telnet: connect to address ::1: Connection refused
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
user mrc
pass 123456
-ERR authorization failed
Connection closed by foreign host.
zak# Oct 31 05:31:33 zak vpopmail[1371]: vchkpw-pop3: vpopmail user not found [EMAIL PROTECTED]:


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