On 2002.10.30_12:03:33_+0000, Jeremy Oddo wrote:
> FYI:  For those using my toaster HOW-TO as the basis for their mail
> server (or anyone else that may be interested), I have added MRTG to
> the HOW-TO.  MRTG will visual graph mail and spam stats.  It was a big
> wishlist item, so I decided to add it...plus it's pretty ;)

You might want to consider my qmailmrtg+rrdtool package. It builds more
eye catching graphic than MRTG. Flexibility is another thing come to
mind. It is available at the URL on my sig.

Also, I recalled submitting a small patch to Ken a while back. It fixed
the get_tai function in qmailmrtg7 to return the correct time. Seems
like the patch have not been incorporated though.

> You can access it via: http://www.jerfu.com/toaster

Good work. 

Shameless plug: Everyone is doing a toaster. Actually, I have written an
OpenBSD toaster couple months ago. It is in 0.3 beta version.


H. D. Lee

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