On Thursday, October 31, 2002, at 07:51  AM, Andre Fortin wrote:


I'm using 5.2.1 still.. I used the code I got from Rick on the list and put
it into vpopmail.c .. The section in question now looks like this:

tmpstr = getenv("TCPLOCALIP");

/* courier-imap uses IPv6 */
if ( tmpstr != NULL && tmpstr[0] == ':') {
tmpstr +=2;
while(*tmpstr!=':') ++tmpstr;

if ( vget_ip_map(tmpstr,host,156)==0 && !host_in_locals(host)){
if ( strlen(host) > 0 ) {
strncpy( domain, host, 156 );

Does this look ok? I re-compiled/make install'd vpopmail, but the vipmaps
still dont seem to be working.. Maybe I'm missing something obvious.. Let me
know if you see any problems with the way i put the code in, thanks :)
You need to recompile courier imap.  Please keep posts on the list.


Bill Shupp

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