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Unable to find an answer on the Net, I'm trying here. Is there a difference in the mysql user-table between the vpopmail versions 4.9.10 and 5.2.1?

We are trying to install a new mailserver running qmail and vpopmail and doing so we tried to copy the database 1 on 1 to the new server. After we did this and tried to telnet to localhost:110 we got a table structure error[1].

We have approx. 10,000 virtual domains with a possible 100,000 users (10 POP accounts per domain), so you can understand our problem :)
Did anyone else encounter this problem? If yes, how did you/he/she solve this?
I noticed there is a 17 pages Changelog between these versions, so it wouldn't suprise me if there has changed something in the databse :)

The domain dsinet.be (my test domain :) is already running on the new mailserver, telnetting to it gives me this:
telnet pop.dsinet.be 110
user <myname>@dsinet.be
pass <my_pass>
vmysql: sql error[3]: Unknown column 'pw_clear_passwd' in
'field list'
-ERR authorization failed
Connection closed by foreign host.

Thanks in advance for any pointers/urls/help.

Best regards,

Jan reilink
VEVIDA Services

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