If you use the vpopmail with the mysql backend, then you could add an additional 
column to the table so that each user has a field
that stores the date their password was last changed

Then you could crontab a daily script that scans the SQL looking for users with old 

Perhaps email them a warning at 5 months, and then lock them out at 6 months.
The lockout could be achieved by setting the NO_POP, NO_WEBMAIL etc flags on their 
That way their mailbox will still receive mail, but they just wont be able to pick it 

I have some basic info showing how you can setup vpopmail w/mysql backend at


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> Subject: [vchkpw] Password Aging
> Is there a way to implement password aging?
> Our users need to change there passwords at least twice a year.
> Currently we use password aging on the /etc/passwd file but are
> going to migrate to the vpasswd and need this same functionality.
> Thanks in advance.
> Joe

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