> > I got a program running first when mail arrives, and returns 100 if mail
> > should not be delivered and prossessing the .qmail-file stoppes.
> > This if fair enought, but I want the mail to bounce back to sender if it
> > was not delivered.
> Is this running from .qmail-default or another .qmail-*? If it's another
> file this can be an explanation.
It's running from the file /home/vpopmail/domain/user/.qmail 
(In the domain/.qmail-default it's okey, but it has to be user-spesific..)

> > Is there any way to say in the domain/user/.qmail-file that "If
> > something, then bouche, else deliver the mail to the Maildir"?
> Yep, return 100 (and some bounce text) for bounce - 0 for delivery.
And how exactly would I put the bounce-text?

> Are you using vpopmail < 5.3.10? There's a small bug in vdelivermail, It
> fails to catch return code 100, instead treating it as 111 (temp error) I
> made a patch against 5.3.9, don't know how well it applies to other
> versions, but it's a oneliner, should be easy to fix by hand :)
> http://fmail.dk/stuff/vdeliver-command-return-100.diff
Actually I've just upgraded to 5.2.1 to make the user-qmail-thing work.
As I understood this is the latest stable version, and as a mailserver it has to be 

Hope this helps...


Yes, thank you! :)

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