On Tuesday, November 5, 2002, at 03:11  PM, Michael Bellears wrote:

I'm currently running:

vqadmin 2.3.4
vpopmail 5.3.9
qmailadmin 1.0.6

And have just attempted to 'disable' an active domain from vqadmin:

Disable pop access
Disable imap access
Disable dialup access
Disable change password
Disable web access
Disable email relay

Which works for mail delivery/pop and imap access - But the user can still
access qmailadmin?
This really should be on the vqadmin list... but

I don't believe there is a mechanism for disabling qmailadmin, except for using qmailadmin-limits to set maxpopaccounts, maxaliases, maxforwards, and maxmailinglists all to 0. Then the postmaster could log in, but not do anything but delete existing accounts.


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