I have a qmail+vpopmail+qmail-admin+SqWebmail installation here.  I have
about 10 domains setup on this machine all working perfectly...I just
setup a new domain three days ago, some of the users of this new domain
can use SqWebmail without any trouble, but others absolutely cannot
login via webmail at all.   I have deleted the accounts and recreated
them but still cannot login to SqWebmail but every user that cannot log
into SqWebmail can POP their mail with no trouble, so I know the account
works and passwords are correct.

I have gone through the installation docs four complete times now, and
everything is exactly the way it supposed to be including having
authvchkpw  in  /usr/local/share/sqwebmail/authdaemonrc

Is there some sort of logfile somewhere that tells me why a specific
user got denied webmail access???

Or could someone tell me why 8 users created using qmail-admin works
perfectly (pop and webmail) but 3 users created using qmail-admin can
only pop mail?

Interesting...I just created a 'tester' email account in this domain in
question and it cannot log into webmail, but I create a 'tester' in a
different domain and webmail works perfectly....

Jeremy McNamara

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