Hi Raven,

On Thu, 7 Nov 2002 10:30:29 +0100
Raven <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>>> I need a tool which can automatically send a mail once every time
>>> interval.

>> Is 'cron' or 'at' what you are looking for?

> I have an webfrontend where every user/admin should be able to set the
> time interval, and such. So I guess cron is not dynamic enough..?!

How 'dynamic' do you need it? Ain't between 'one defined day in year, at
a defined time' and 'every minute' not dynamic enough?

Have a look at webmin (http://www.webmin.com/), there's a 'cron editor
web frontend' included. Create a special webmin account, having only
access to cron part of webmin and he should be done.

Or write oen your self. Using PHP or Perl this should be done really

For questions about how to write it in PHP or Perl, how to insert the
cron job from web front end, I'd suggest you look for an appropriate
newsgroup or web board, it's not really vpopmail-related :-)

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