Hi all

I`m having problems updating vpopmail on a server from version 5.0 to 5.2.1. 
The problem is that part of the server users are from "sendmail epocha" - 
they login as local users, althouth their info is read from ~vpopmail/vpasswd 
file. After an update, new version of vpopmail reads username in the 
following form: user@<server_hostname>:$TCPREMOTEIP instead of user@ as it 
was all the time with the older version. This causes the following errors:

Nov  8 16:16:34 lex vpopmail[29525]: vchkpw: vpopmail user not found 

I`ve tried compiling vpopmail with and without default-domain feature enabled 
(the above error is with default-domain feature enabled). As I understand the 
problem lies in the fact that vpopmail appends value TCPREMOTEIP variable to 
the loginname.

How to disable such vpopmail behaviour?

The part of qmail-showctl output follows:

defaultdomain: Default domain name is balt.net.
defaulthost: (Default.) Default host name is lex.balt.net.
doublebouncehost: (Default.) 2B recipient host: lex.balt.net.
doublebounceto: (Default.) 2B recipient user: postmaster.
envnoathost: (Default.) Presumed domain name is lex.balt.net.
helohost: (Default.) SMTP client HELO host name is lex.balt.net.
idhost: (Default.) Message-ID host name is lex.balt.net.
localiphost: (Default.) Local IP address becomes lex.balt.net.
Messages for localhost are delivered locally.
me: My name is lex.balt.net.
percenthack: (Default.) The percent hack is not allowed.
plusdomain: Plus domain name is balt.net.

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