Hi -

I am a newbie to vpopmail and qmail but I have managed to get the basics working
- qmail is up and running successfully with two virtual domains authenticating
against openLDAP.

The one problem I am having is getting mail addressed to the local machine (ex.
- cron job error messages) delivered to a user in one of my virtual domains.

virtualdomain1: example.com
virtualdomain2. example2.com
hostname of qmail/vpopmail server: smtp.example.com

In my alias directory of qmail I have a .qmail-root, .qail-mailer-daemon and
.qmail-postmaster file all forwarding to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

In the control directory of qmail, if I keep my locals file empty, anytime I
email say "root" (which seems to be automatically changed to
[EMAIL PROTECTED], I get an error message from
[EMAIL PROTECTED] to [EMAIL PROTECTED] complaining that there is no
entry in locals so it can't deliver the message.  If I add the entry
smtp.example.com to locals the message seems to be accepted but it isn't
delivered to any mailbox that I can see it.

It seems to me that when the server name of my host is in locals qmail is trying
to send it to a user from /etc/passwd maybe and then doesn't find one?  Not sure
why it isn't reading the .qmail files in the alias directory (seems to do this
fine when a message needs to be sent by mailer-daemon).

FYI - I am using Maildir's and Sqwebmail.  Sending and retrieving email between
virutal domains is no problem - just can't seem to get messages sent to local
machine to be forwarded to an account in my virtual domain.

I realize this is probably a very simple question, and I apologize for the post,
but I have scoured various docs, and although the info seems to be there I can't
seem to piece together exactly how local delivery works with virutal domains.


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