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With e-mail-address as "destination" another _delivery_ is done,
therefore a new 'Delivered-To:' is inserted.
With directory a simple 'store' is done, therefore no new
'Delivered-To:' is added. That's how it work.


might somebody else tell something about this, I'm not experienced with
quota support.

> dot-qmail-otheruser in a root of the virtual domain
> with contents like
> /var/vpopmail/domains/normal_virtual.domain/rightuser/Maildir/
> produce also incorrect Delivered-To:  (twice incorrect!)
> Delivered-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> instead of
> Delivered-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Reqrite qmail to change this. dot-qmail files in domain root are handled
by qmail itself instead of vdelivermail. Go, figure how qmail works, do

#> MANPATH=/var/qmail/man man qmail-users

and read how syntax of /var/qmail/users/assign is and what means what.
Go on and understand how qmail-local works.
Understand why nothing can be done about this issue without
rewriting/pathing qmail. Period.

> when dot-qmail-otheruser consists of mailbox name
> last (top) Delivered-To: occurence contains correct data:
> Delivered-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Because qmail-local does another delivery and not only storage.
See above.

> when alias contains absolute path for user's maildir
> then dot-qmail  file in homemaildir doesn't get processed....

Who should process and interpret that dot-qmail file?
Go, figure how qmail delivers, who processes dot-qmail files and when
vdelivermail is invoked (hint: .qmail-default is only called if no
matching dot-qmail file i ndomain-root is found by qmail-local).
See and understand why this is the expected / programmed behavior.

> what could be done with these four problems?

I don't know about #2, the other 3 are as working intended.
If you don't like the Delivered-To lines as they are and you know how
setup has to be to produce some you like: use this setup. Period.
Else you're free to patch your qmail to change it's behavior ...

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