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> ok, in other words you may write: "i'm wrong everywhere".... -- thanks
> for this,

No. #2 I couldn't (and can't) say anything about. So not "everywhere".

> but i recommend you to think again about that questions, maybe opinion
> will change

There's no need I change 'my opinion'. 
- I do (mostly) know qmail and how it works.
- From several experiments I do (mostly) know how vdelivermail works.
- Both makes sense, most the time.

So if you don't like treatment of dot-qmail files in domain root you
_have to_ change qmails way of working. Period. No need for me changing
any 'opinion', that's how it is.
If qmail-local does not look for dot-qmail files in users "home" dir
when it found one in domains root (your problem #4) and you're unhappy
with this: change qmails behavior, no need for me to change any opinion,
not any reason for vpopmail developers to "get sleepless about", as they
can't even do anything against this.

If you don't like the way "vdelivermail" delivers emails and when it
adds another 'Delivered-To:' (your problem #1) you're free to change
this. Source code is available and you're free to patch it.
You're also free to submit this patch. And if your patch does not
decrease efficience chances might be it's taken over officially. But I
doubt you'll succeed with making the necessary checkups as efficient as
a big mail toaster needs them.
Try to figure out what's necessary for vdelivermail to create a
_CORRECT_ 'Delivered-To:' line when invoked with a maildir or mailbox as
3rd argument, insteaed of a e-mail-address.
Remember you could put _ANY_ mailbox / maildir there, even one that does
not belong to a user set up in 'vpasswd' but exists because it's
created manually.

If you don't like the way qmail creates 'Delivered-To:' lines when
handling .qmail files (your problem #3): patch qmail-local.
vpopmail in general, vdelivermail in special, can't do _ANYTHING_ about
this, it's now invoked and absolutely irrelevant in that case.
Ass delivery instructions for such addresses are set up in qmails
configuration: '/var/qmail/control/virtualdomains',
'/var/qmail/users/assign' (respectively .../cdb) and
'$DIRECTORY_GIVEN_IN_ASSIGN/.qmail-whatever' are all handled by qmail
itself. It reads 'virtualdomains', invokes qmail-local, this looks up
the necessary data in'cdb' (binary of 'assign'), chdir()s to correct
directory and finds appropriate dot-qmail file. qmail-local reads the
delivery instructions from that file and delivers.
Who, but qmail-local, should alter the 'Delivered-To:' header?
Correct, nobody. So go, patch qmail-local.

I'd suggest you read qmail documentation _carefully_, than go and get
"The big qmail picture" (http://www.nrg4u.com/) and understand how qmail
works. (I might be wrong, but wasn't this what I already suggested???).

If you finally understood the system and still feel the need to changes:
write the necessary changes, send the patches to the developers (in case
of vpopmail) and see if they get used or not.
In case of qmail the best you can get is your patch put on website,
chances it is included in sources are approximated 0%.
In case of vpopmail it could be you're another one in the 'THANKS' list,
if your patch(es) are helpful and useable.

So there you go, take your chances or leave it, but don't blame anybody
for stuff you seems to not have understood completely.

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