I had some strange happenings with my mail server last night and would appreciate any input that can be given.

A little background. I am running Qmail+VPopmail+SQWebmail. My versions are Vpopmail 4.9.8, Qmail 1.03, and sqwebmail 2.0, Redhat 7.0. My /home/vpopmail/domains directory is actually and additional 40GB Hard Drive mounted to that point. The server currently hosts about 150 domains.

Last night all of the data from one of the domain folders disappeared (this domain is the vpopmail default domain also), including all MailDirs and .qmail files. However the domain folder remained, as well as all users were still had a record in the MYSQL Database, and no other domains seem to be affected. So I re-created the .qmail-default file, and with every mail that was recieved a new MailDir for that user was re-created. So the problem started healing itself. However, I am baffled as to where the data went.

Looking through the logs I was able to narrow down to a 3 minute period of time when the data disappeared and the mail started bouncing. I then looked through every other log on the system and cannot find any suspicious behaviour surrounding that time. My first thought was a breakin, but I haven't been able to find any evidence of that yet.

Any comments or light anyone can shed on this situation would be appreciated.

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