Go to where your qmail-1.03 source is.. if it's not anywhere, then
uncompress a fresh batch from the tarball.  Once you're in the directory
where the source code is, copy your qmail-pop3d-maildirquota.patch file into
that directory.  And assuming you're using GNU patch version 2.5.4+ just go
into the source dir and type: patch < qmail-pop3d-maildirquota.patch

That's it.  Then just do a "make" and if it compiles w/o error do a "make
setup check" and you're set.  There are a couple other helpful patches for
qmail you might want to take a look at on the qmail.org site, but that's all
you really need to do to patch qmail with the pop3d patch.


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I finally figured out why the quotas were not being updated when users =
downloaded their messages with outlook, eudora, etc. I know I need to =
patch qmail with this patch: contrib/qmail-pop3d-maildirquota.patch.

What I can't figure out is how to apply this pach. Where it goes, etc.=20

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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