I do NOT want to scan each and every message that comes in. I want to set this up on a per user basis. Is it straightforward to have spamassassin scan email for an individual user rather than by domain?

On Thursday, November 14, 2002, at 01:00 PM, Rick Macdougall wrote:


I personally run it right from .qmail-default with no extra settings like
qmail-scanner.pl etc.

I used to run it from qmail-scanner.pl but the over head was just too much
considering I do smtp forwarding for some domains, other domains didn't want
it, etc etc.

Right now I can configure it for each domain seperately and I remove the
overhead of scanning each and every message that comes into our system.

As well, running it from qmail-scanner.pl loses the ability to do per user
config's. Something our users really wanted.



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Do you use Spamassassin in conjunction with any other software or
scripts, such as qmail-scanner, etc.?

Can I just run Spamassassin on its own?

On Wednesday, November 13, 2002, at 02:09 PM, Rick Macdougall wrote:


We use it in .qmail-default for domains that want it and set the
required_hits to 30.

Users can then manage required_hits, white list, black list etc via a
web page.



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Can anyone point me in the right direction for any resources regarding
installing and using spamassassin with qmail?

Basically I want to be able to use spamassassin on certain mailboxes
and not others on the system, and be able to add the ability to use the
filtering as new accounts are added.



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