Well... if you've installed daemontools then there should be a line in your
rc.local that looks like this:

csh -cf '/command/svscanboot &'

If you don't have that in there, or somewhere in your startup scripts then
svscan won't start, and it daemontools won't scan your /service directory.


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Subject: [vchkpw] Mial server will not start

Hi all ,
I have installed a qmail pop toster on openbsd 3.2 , using the how to on the
Dutnux web site . the server has been working ok until now, for some reason
the tcp server will not start on reboot . can some one tell me if they have
had the same prob , can I start the server with the rc.local file or do I
have to use the /service  , the hour is late here had I long day I hope this
makes sense ,


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