I think that the way  vdelivermail handles dot-qmail files is incorrect,
or I've  missed something  in the  documentation. I  have a  system with
--enable-qmail-ext=y,  however, dot-qmail  files in  the virtual  user's
directory are not read. For example, if I create:


vdelivermail will execute the instructions  in there just fine, however,
if I then create:


It  will not  even  consider  that file  and  instead  will execute  the
instructions  in  the  original  .qmail file  in  that  directory.  This
seems  incorrect to  me. If  it is  going to  support a  .qmail file  in
domains/domain.dom/user, why doesn't it  support extensions in that same

Yes, I am aware that


does work,  but I  find this less  intuitive and not  in line  with what
dot-qmail implements.

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