I checked all the docs, list archives for this and the Courier-IMAP list,
followed the FAQ at: http://www.inter7.com/vpopmail/FAQ (no 34) and what
I'm trying to do still doesn't seem to work...I'm trying to configure the

qmail/tcpserver/sqwebmail/maildrop/vpopmail -- All of these are working
fine together.

I am authenticating against the system password database, with no virtual
users, with roaming-users on.  To do this, I had to use sqwebmail's
authdaemon with "authdaemon" in the authmodule list.

The only way I've been able to get courier-imap users to authenticate
successfully is to start its authdaemon with "authpam" in the module list.
Putting "authvchpw" in that list still does not allow roaming users,
despite following vpopmail's faq instructions (perhaps this only works
for virtual users?).

If somebody can recommend another good Maildir native IMAPd that works
this way, I'd be grateful.  I wouldn't mind a popd replacement that works
with the same setup but shows the client large attachment download status


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