Lucy writes:
> I am using qmail + vpopmail  once I pop3 my mails from the server
> no matter what the configuration on the client side,  the server won't
> leave a copy of those poped emails.

Prove it.

In Outlook Express, under Options -> Maintenance -> Troubleshooting, check
the Mail box.  Receive your mail via POP3.  Find the POP3 log in your mail
store folder.  It will show the commands that Outlook Express sent to the
server.  If there is a DELE, then you know that it is deleting your mail
from the server.

Alternatively, login to the POP3 server manually using telnet:

$ telnet 110
PASS password

Do this a second time.  See if it actually deleted the message.

It sounds like you have either a buggy or incorrectly configured client.

David Phillips <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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