You mention that sometimes the message bounces. Please send a sample bounced
message to the list.

Trey Nolen

> I've setup qmail+qmailadmin+vpopmail+sqwebmail for two customers now, and
they both seem to have the same problem.  They have a domain, say
If [EMAIL PROTECTED] tries to send to [EMAIL PROTECTED], the message won't
show up, or bounce.  If you send a message to the accounts from anywhere
outside (hotmail, yahoo, etc ....) the message shows up in the inbox.  If
you send from on the same server the message goes through.  Is
there anything I could be missing?  Both forward and DNS are setup correctly
for the domains, I went back and made sure before I emailed the list.  Any
help anyone could offer would be appreciated, I'm stuck on this one ;-)
> Thanks,
> Rob

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