In testing a conversion from a system user sendmail/qpopper set up to a cdb
vpopmail set up, I noticed if I tried to batch multiple 'vadduser' entries,
it would sometimes fail writing the cdb file and would build a cdb with only
the last few entries, and overwrite the live vpasswd.cdb file.  This is
obviously a problem :)

Is there any way to safeguard against this?  The plain text vpasswd file is
unaffected, so any vpasswd/vadduser/vdeluser command subsequentially entered
will rebuild the database properly, but we intend to have many batch entries
later on to synchronize with another external database, and we dont want
this happening in the middle of the day, even for a few minutes..

I could easily add a 'sleep x' statement in the batch file between commands,
but for large batch entries, this would overlap with the next batch run,
since we hope to run the sync once per minute.  Also, what would be a safe
value for 'x' if this was the only solution?  Any suggestions on this?

In responding, please keep in mind that we'd like to maintain CDB as opposed
to external databases(we already have enough problems synchronizing the
current DB2/MSSQL databases :).  I'd like to avoid having to run an LDAP or
MySQL server.

Thanks in advance,

Andre Fortin, CCNA
Systems Administrator Technician
Persona Communications, Northern Division
500 Barrydowne Rd.
Sudbury, Ontario
Tel.: (705)560-1560 ext. 266

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