The difference between an alias domain and a separate domain is that the
alias is a mirror of the other.  To use your example.  If is
an alias domain to then [EMAIL PROTECTED] is also [EMAIL PROTECTED]
But maybe you want the two separate.  Maybe you want the [EMAIL PROTECTED] to be
a totally different and separate address from [EMAIL PROTECTED]  In that
case, you'd create as a separate domain (with vadddomain).
An alias domain is one where all the email addresses are "mirrored" so to

Also, if you want to recieve mail it needs an MX record.
Sounds like you're using bind, so going along with that, this is what you
might have as a normal MX record inside your zone file for (just
an example, yours may not look exactly like this)

        IN      MX 10
mail    IN      A

What you would add is this:

         IN     MX 10
master IN       MX 10
mail     IN     A

It's really quite simple, all you do is create an MX record for that
subdomain.  You don't need to change named.conf, but you do need to change
the zone file.  After you change the zone file, update the serial, and give
named a HUP.


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Subject: [vchkpw] newbie help, please

Hello vchkpw users,

I have installed vpopmail+qmail it's OK. Default domain in vpopmail -
''. In dns I have record  'MX 10'.

Now I want to have one more domain - '', so that there
will be users - '[EMAIL PROTECTED]', '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' and so
on. What should I do? Should I use vadddomain or vaddaliasdomain? And
should I put one more record in my named.conf(whta this line should be)?

Your help is very, very appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
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