Is there any way around the quota issue that you've found?

That is a big problem.

On Wednesday, November 27, 2002, at 04:49 PM, Cory Wright wrote:

On Wed, Nov 27, 2002 at 04:43:28PM -0500, Brendan McAlpine wrote:
1. install Safecat
2. edit your mailbox's .qmail file to look like this:

| /usr/bin/spamc -u vpopmail | maildir /path/to/your/maildir


It wasn't hard to implement once I dug around for about an hour and a
half and found the solution and obviously this isn't compatible with
qmailadmin. The first time you go into qmailadmin and muck around with
forwarding, etc. it will overwrite the .qmail file.
It also wont take into account any quota limits that are set.


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