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On Monday, December 2, 2002 at 5:25:58 AM you wrote:

> IS when user use Outlook express contact to qmail server, after he
> enter the correct password, it still caníŽt login, here is the error
> message:

As you wrote he could before you switched to vpopmail:

- Is this a system user account?

  - Have you compiled vpopmail with --enable-passwd=y ?

- Is this a pure vpopmail account which you've added with
  vadddomain example.com
  vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED]

  - Is he trying to log in using _the complete e-mail-address_
    ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) instead of only local part of
    e-mail-address  (user)?
  - Alternatively: have you compiled vpopmail with
    --enable-default-domain=example.com ?

Please post the appropriate lines from log file if above hint don't
help, for us being able to inspect the complete error message.
Please consider _NOT_ anonymizing these log entries when posting them,
as this could destroy important information for figuring out the
possible cause of your problem.

P.S.: If you could manage it somehow it would be nice if you could
refrain posting HTML mails. It's unnecessary bloat and doesn't help in
any matter on this list.
Best regards
Peter Palmreuther

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