Hmm...I'm not sure if Bill Shupp's big patch will compile for BSD, but
it includes the SMTP-Auth patch...just a suggestion.



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Thanks for the tips, Peter...

At 11:38 PM +0100 12/3/02, Peter Palmreuther wrote:
>Hello Kit,
>On Tuesday, December 3, 2002 at 6:18:35 PM you wrote:
>>  I have no clue why this is not working
>1.) Give 0.31 a try, I don't know what exactly changed, but the syntax
>     is different between 0.30 & 0.31, maybe you're using the 'new'
>     one, while old (to me unknown) is needed.

Tried 0.31 tonight, no luck. Maybe my other patches are interfering? 
I'll try it at home as the only patch & see how that goes.

>2.) Try to run qmail-smtpd as root. Just for testing, but this avoids
>     "access denied" to vpasswd.cdb and therefore excludes one possible
>     culprit.

Also no luck.

>3.) Try to run the child process of tcpserver in a strace like
>     program. I don't know how this is named on OpenBSD and what the
>     exact calling syntax is, but make use of it's logging to file, if
>     possible, and see if you can find the position it fails at.

I'll look into that if it's not the other patches.

>I know it ain't much, but maybe it helps to find the correct direction 
>of hunting it down.

Your answer is much appreciated.

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