I am trying to migrate from freebsd to linux (on one of my web servers), and
I have moved over my data from the vpopmail directory
(/usr/local/vpopmail/domains), and my qmail configuration (from
/var/qmail/control and /var/qmail/users). Everything has been setup properly
on the new server, and qmail works great, except, when I try to login I get
the following errors:

Dec  5 04:35:42 talis vpopmail[24164]: vchkpw: autocreate dir errno 13

I also get the following error when trying to deliver mail:

Dec  5 04:44:28 talis qmail: 1039092268.012419 new msg 227595
Dec  5 04:44:28 talis qmail: 1039092268.024325 info msg 227595: bytes 730
from <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> qp 24179 uid 501
Dec  5 04:44:28 talis qmail: 1039092268.102016 starting delivery 1: msg
227595 to local [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Dec  5 04:44:28 talis qmail: 1039092268.102059 status: local 1/10 remote
Dec  5 04:44:28 talis qmail: 1039092268.103366 delivery 1: deferral:
Dec  5 04:44:28 talis qmail: 1039092268.103391 status: local 0/10 remote

if I add a new domain, it works fine. However i would like to preserve the
existing user accounts/mail. The file permissions on the directory are
correct, and the correct uid/gid is in the /var/qmail/users/assign file.
Does anyone know a fix/workaround for this?

Thanks! :)

Chris Wilson

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