I am struggling to get my mailing lists to work correctly. I am on the following 

Qmail           1.03
Qmailadmin      1.0.6
Vpopmail        5.21
ezmlm           0.53

I have the main domain set up like mail.domain.com and I have used the vaddaliasdomain 
to point domain1.com and domain2.com, etc to mail.domain.com.

Email sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED] gets to the account at [EMAIL PROTECTED] just fine.

I have lists set up like [EMAIL PROTECTED] delivers to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and 

The problem is that email sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED] gets rejected instead of being 
delivered to the [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The error that comes back to the sender is

ezmlm-reject: fatal: List address must be in To: or Cc: (#5.7.0)

I have inquired several times on the ezmlm users group without any response. Is there 
a way to make vpopmail carry the originating sendto address across to the ezmlm list 
in the To: portion so that it can be handled correctly at the [EMAIL PROTECTED] 

Erik T Murray

eInformation Manager
Ferro Color & Glass Performance Materials

Manager of Information Technology
Ferro Graphics Inc

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