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>> Cory Wright wrote:
>> Try setting your username in Outlook to the email address that you
>> are trying to check. If you want to use just your username then you
>> can compile vpopmail with the
>> --enable-default-domain=yourdomain.com option.

> I don't remember doing this, just enabling default domains.

How? There's no option to "only enable default domains", you can
enable _one default domain_ or none. So maybe your problems result
from an empty domain given to this option, instead of a domain name as
./configure --help
clearly states:


(and not --enable-default-domain[=name])

Do a

make clean
./configure (.... your configuration options go here, either make a
             concrete domain default, or leave this option out this
make install-strip

This should replace the vpopmail binaries without interruption of
service and you should be able to log in using Lookout Distress and
"e-mail-address is my username" syntax.

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Peter Palmreuther

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