Hi John Stile,
you wrote.

JS> I am using vpopmail version 5.20 and trying to get SpamAssassin working
JS> on a per user basis. Modifying .qmail-default and .qmail-user files,
JS> according to past threads in this list, fail to work, causing mail to
JS> bounce.

JS> Do I have to up upgrade above 5.20 to get it working or is it possible
JS> to get it working with what I have?

Basically, you could have (it worked for me some time back)
.qmail-user for each user, containing
| sh -c "spamassassin options |vdelivermail options"

but that has the overhead of invoking sh for each user AND kinda
defeats the point of vpopmail if you need to have an alias file for
each user.

I've been thinking about implementing this directly into vdelivermail
on various occasions but I can't find the time to do so (now, of
course, if someone were to pay for it and release it under the GPL
this would change rapidly ;-).


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