On Wednesday 11 December 2002 22:16, Remo Mattei wrote:
> Hi guys does any of you have an howto on how to have email drop in the
> user mailbox encrypted? So if send to a particolar address it's going
> to be automatically encrypted.

I have often been thinking about this myself.
We must face one thing, as long as the mail is travelling unencrypted, 
somebody can read it. The root-user of the local mailserver can always 
read it!

I see two scenarios.

1. Client side software is helping.
One can use existing PGP encryption with fairly good client support.
PGP's prone public key system would make it quite secure too.

It requires client side support (PGP software).

2. Invisible to client side.
Could be implemented using some sort of public-key crypto, where the 
private part was the pop3/imap password.

It doesn't require any client side support.
Will stop the occasional cracker.

Too unsecure to be used.
Root will have access after the mail is encrypted! (think about it!)

Just a few thoughts... (btw: I ended up using tcpserver with ssl support)


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