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> I have several domains that are running as virtual,
> trells.com
> bazalar.com
> iq-tech.net
> mmz.org
> oaksfamily.com

> Now at trells.com and mmz.org I have an account called trell.
> When someone sends to [EMAIL PROTECTED] the mail gets delivered to
> the trells.com domain new directory instead of mmz.org's new
> folder.

Seems 'mmz.org' is an alias domain to 'treells.com'.
Have a look if '~vpopmail/domains/mmz.org' is a symlink to
'~vpopmail/domains'treels.com' or if


points 'mmz.org' to 'trells.com' or it's directory.

If so do a 'vdeldomain mmz.org' and create mmz.org as an own domain
'vadddomain mmz.org' instead of 'vaddaliasdomain mmz.org trells.com'

> Below is 2 headers,

Irrelevant. Corresponding lines from qmail-send log file are more
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