I am exploring the possabilities of using Noel Mistula's checkHAB script with 
my qmail/vpopmail arrangement. 


For testing purposes I would like to call it in my user .qmail directory 
(/home/vpopmail/domains/lawtonbros.com/mnicholas) before placing it in the 
domain .qmail-default file.

I've read the archives, read the docs, emailed Noel (hasn't used vpopmail yet) 
and am still not sure about the best way to make this work. The closest I got 
was (following some conversations concerning SpamAssassin):

| /usr/local/bin/checkhab | var/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail "" 

the qmail log showed successful de;livery but the message disappeared.

I am using vpopmail version 5.0 I believe (where to check this?)

I am NOT well educated on this stuff yet, but learning.
any thoughts or direction?


* Mark Nicholas
* SUSe Linux 8.0

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