Squirrelmail is on a different computer than the mail server in question.
It accesses it via the IP that is in the ip_alias_map table in MySQL for
that domain.  Logging in manually to the Courier server brings up the same
"Maildir: No such file or directory" error.  The username/password
authentication works; if I type the wrong password, it fails the login..
Only if I use a proper username/password pair will it give the error.


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How is squirrelmail accessing Courier-IMAP?
Does squirrelmail access Courier-IMAP on the same IP as squirrelmail is

Does IP-based domain work for normal Courier-IMAP logins?

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Subject: [vchkpw] More ip alias woes

> Hi,
> I'm using vpopmail with MySQL backend, and courier-imap for SquirrelMail
> webmail.  I am trying to use vipmap to authenticate different domains via
> IP, and have applied Bill's patch for getting aroun IPv6, but when I log
> to a vipmap'd domain(other than the one in --enable-default-domain) it
> returns the following:
> ---------------
> Unknown error: Fatal error: Maildir: No such file or directory
> Read data:
> ---------------
> The default domain was a cdb domain before, so i made sure to move the
> vpasswd files out of the way to make sure it wasnt just grabbing the
> directory from the files rather than the MySQL database..
> If I log in with the complete email address, it works; It only causes this
> problem when I try to connect to the vipmap'd domain without using the
> complete email address.  I am not much of a coder, but I'm assuming the
> problem is that the authvchkpw module is looking at the
> instead of looking at user@ip-aliased-domain for the users directory.. Not
> finding the user in the default domain, it will not have a proper
> to find its Maildir/ and exits with this error.  When logged into via the
> complete email address, Courier of course does not use the default domain
> and authenticates properly.. Am I right? Is there already a solution for
> this issue? Let me know if any more information is needed.. Thanks,
> Andre

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