On Monday, December 16, 2002, at 01:08  AM, Howard Miller wrote:


I'm having some problems with vpopmail. I have a working Qmail installation,
and have just installed vpopmail on a HP-UX (11) server. I have installed the
pop3 service exactly as per the installation instructions using ucsp-tcp.

I have done a number of installations before on Linux and it has always worked
first time.

However, I am now installing on HP-UX and am having problems. I tried to test
pop3 using "telnet localhost 110". I get the correct prompts but I always get
an "ERR Authorisation Failed", and I'm sure my user/pass combination is

I'm really stuck, what is the best way to debug this, or does anybody have a
bright idea??
Try compiling with --enable-logging=v and then check your mail logs.


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