Thanks Peter.

A question still remains. Is there anyway to tell vpopmail to
not use MD5 and use the older crypt'd format?

CedarNet LLC

On Mon, 16 Dec 2002, Peter Palmreuther wrote:

> > My users are are stored in the /var/qmail/user/poppasswd style
> > database.  This is using crypted passwords generated similarily
> > to the script on Paul Gregg's site below:
> >
> >
> >
> > These passwords do not appear compatible with the md5 crypted
> > passwords used with vpopmail and mysql.
> Simpyl because CRAM-MD5 authentication only works with clear text
> passwords stored in password DB.
> > Is their a way to change the encryption used by vpopmail so I can use
> > the old poppaswd usernames and passwords on my new server running
> > vpopmail (Matt's toaster recipe)?
> No. You can't convert crypted passwords back to plain text ones.
> > I would like to simply migrate the data in poppasswd to the
> > vpopmail mysql database.
> I've managed it to keep the encrypted passwords in an old vpopmail
> password cdb file and let vpopmail add the encrypted password to the cdb
> file by compiling vpopmail with '--enable-learn-passwords=y' switch in
> configure.
> This requires your users to login once _NOT_ using CRAM-MD5, for vchkpw
> being able to successfully authenticate and write the received
> clear test password to database.
> I don't know if this works with a MySQL backend for user management too,
> I've only tested it with cdb files.
> --
> Peter

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