This could be from a number of problems, but most likely, the MySQL version has
changed between boxes, or mysql is in a different place on the machine.

vpopmail takes the mysql include and lib files and compiles them into the vpopmail

Changing versions may require recompiling vpopmail.

Other issues could be:

connectivity - can the vpopmail user log into mysql? Is the username and password
               correct? Does the mysql user physically have access to the port?

DNS - is the new machine properly set up?

Do you get any errors?

They would be helpful.

On Monday 16 December 2002 04:59, Kent Ritchie wrote:
> I might be stupid to ask this, but I have looked online and in
> documentation, so I decided to ask here.
> I have a qmail+vpopmail setup, that authenticates through a remote mysql
> server. When I take the mysql server down and replace it with a
> different box, thats has all the data, users, grants etc on it that the
> previous box had, it no longer authenticates. I replace the old box, and
> it once again works... So, has anyone here ever made replacement like I
> am trying and failing to do?

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