I resolved this issue: the hashed password in
/var/qmail/user/poppasswd is compatible with the hashed password
in /etc/passwd. A custom script will convert the users in
/var/qmail/user/poppasswd to /etc/passwd format. The vconvert -e
-m is used to convert that /etc/passwd file into mysql users. I
ran a number of tests with this technique and converted users
authenticated just fine with pop3, squirrellmail and sqwebmail.
Only item missing from the database is the clear text password,
but that is acceptable.

Joe Kletch
CedarNet LLC

On Mon, 16 Dec 2002, Peter Palmreuther wrote:

> > My users are are stored in the /var/qmail/user/poppasswd style
> > database.  This is using crypted passwords generated similarily
> > to the script on Paul Gregg's site below:
> >
> > http://www.pgregg.com/projects/qmail/mkpasswd.php
> >
> > These passwords do not appear compatible with the md5 crypted
> > passwords used with vpopmail and mysql.
> Simpyl because CRAM-MD5 authentication only works with clear text
> passwords stored in password DB.
> > Is their a way to change the encryption used by vpopmail so I can use
> > the old poppaswd usernames and passwords on my new server running
> > vpopmail (Matt's toaster recipe)?
> No. You can't convert crypted passwords back to plain text ones.
> > I would like to simply migrate the data in poppasswd to the
> > vpopmail mysql database.
> I've managed it to keep the encrypted passwords in an old vpopmail
> password cdb file and let vpopmail add the encrypted password to the cdb
> file by compiling vpopmail with '--enable-learn-passwords=y' switch in
> configure.
> This requires your users to login once _NOT_ using CRAM-MD5, for vchkpw
> being able to successfully authenticate and write the received
> clear test password to database.
> I don't know if this works with a MySQL backend for user management too,
> I've only tested it with cdb files.
> --
> Peter

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